‘Hallyu wave’ or Korean pop culture is gaining popularity day by day and just the same Korean cafes and restaurants are no exception.  First opened its door in March 2014, Caffe Bene is Korea’s most popular cafe that is scattered all over the globe with more than 900 outlets worldwide. Amazing! Located at Sunway Pyramid, this first outlet in Malaysia is situated next to the H&M overlooking the main road from above. The feature of the place stresses on brick walls, wooden furniture, and glass window to beautify the modern cottage-inspired setting that signifies their brand.

With all the hype, Caffe Bene as a matter of fact is highly known for their high-quality coffee that is seasonally harvested to retain the freshness of the beans. The Green Tea Affogato or the creamy and fragrant Cafe Latte highlights the menu altogether even so, what complements the drink receives a standing ovation. Selections of breads seem to be patrons’ favourite whenever they get a chance to spring to the cafe. From Garlic & Cheese Bread to Caramel Cinnamon Bread, this cafe’s signature is for those sweet-tooths out there that crave for anything savoury and sweet.

Famous for its authentic Belgian Liege Waffles, the waffles are made using a 56-year-old recipe and later crowned with choices gelatos ice cream or even a plain whip cream with bananas. It is a no-wonder some would come back even just to get a taste on them luscious-looking mess!

While Caffe Bene is known for their coffees and waffles, first-timer cannot miss out on their Bingsu, a bowl of shaved flavoured ice with toppings. It is a popular dessert of Korea and has a wide range of flavour to choose from, just like Malaysia’s infamous Ais Batu Campur (ABC).