With beginnings of passion, this ultimate family friendly cafe was created and is situated at a corner in Jaya One. Bright and colourful, the ambiance glows as if inviting everyone to a warm "Welcome home". White pastel walls matched with wood and infant friendly furnishings, you would feel its casual yet homey environment. Making this the go to place for the single family meals, or the big family gatherings.

Focusing on hearty and homemade foods and beverages, BucketB is the place to be with your family for an all-rounded delicious meal, specially made to fill you up. From signature coffees such as the Ice Caramel Latte that comes with premium caramel and popcorn, premium rich Milkshakes which are made with no ice cubes, wholesome Sandwiches that ensures to fill an apetite, delicious Banana French toast  that comes with Nutella or Peanut butter spread all over, and everyone's favourite; which also happens to be from the kids menu, the British inspired finger-licking eggs with toast breakfast (Dippy Egg & Soldiers).
Parents may find an escape here too, as they have an indoor play area for children ages up to six, or 120 cm in height, right beside the cafe's seating area, this allows for parents to take their well deserved breaks while their kids are busy enjoying themselves to the fullest. What's more! Even further at the back of the cafe lies a large area dedicated to celebrating birthdays or just having parties. This is perfect for the holiday celebration, children's parties, or even your usual gathering. So wait no more, welcome home!