Brother John Uptown Burger Petaling Jaya

Alas, the ever-known Ramly burger that has been around for years has taken storm around Malaysians dinner table. With no exception, Brother John Burger is considered one of the best for many over the past twelve years that it has been in operation. The famous burger stall manned by Abang John, name that is known to most customers, has been serving out burgers to people from all sorts of background is located in front of the foodcourt in uptown Damansara. Abang John, also known as Mr Kahar, is a gentleman from Perak receives the nickname Burger Master for the reason, and the only reason, that he is good at what he does. No doubt as to the significant burgers of Abang John is serving since the place will be swarmed by people the minute it begin its service every single day.

With all sorts of customization one can ever ask for while ordering burgers with Abang John, the menus are almost quite the same as any other burgers stalls around. From burger ‘kahwin’ that combines chicken patty with beef patty, to special cheese hot dog that is served with eggs. But what sets them apart is the condiments are of better quality, and better yet, the top secret sauce he uses that no one has a clue on what it is made of. While preparing the burgers, seasonings are coated evenly on the patties before griddling them to give a better effect on the taste and to be topped with gravies, salads, and cheese afterwards. It may sound too much but the sloppiness in its appearance is what makes Abang John's Ramly burger out of this world! 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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