Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery and Café, situated in SS15, replaced the previously known Cham Bagel Bakery. Those that are not familiar with the typical North American choice of breakfast might think that bagels are another type of doughnut. They may have some similarities, but bagels are more often savoury with a few sweet exceptions. At Brooklyn B, they pride themselves with authentic New York style bagels that were made from scratch. Currently serving 12 varieties of bagel flavours; poppy seed, garlic, chocolate, sesame seed and apple cinnamon among others, the menu also offers bagel sandwiches or ‘bagelwiches’, pressed bagels, pastas, and a dinner menu that is only served after 3PM.

The ‘bagelwiches’ fillings range from the commonly paired Lox (or salmon) with Cream cheese, to homemade Corned Beef filling, and the famous Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, but with a bagel twist. Those who prefer something different may try their ‘grilled’ selection of Panini’s or pressed bagels, with similar fillings. In keeping up with the authentic New York theme, customers can also choose to try the Great NYC Breakfast or the NYC Buffalo Wings. Even with the different choices to choose from, those who appreciate big portions may not be fully satisfied but luckily Brooklyn B would add to their menu after 3PM with their dinner selection, with options like Chicken Parmigiana, Bratwurst and Mash, as well as Fish and Chips. Some might worry of having to spend a lot for authentic American food, but don’t fret! Brooklyn B’s price range is well within the expected price range of similar establishments.

Brooklyn B may be another one of the many indie restaurants, but with their specific and themed menu, it is sure to garner the attention of bagel-lovers and food adventurers.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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