Japanese manga and anime culture has been around in Malaysia for quite some time and to some extend Bmon Cafe itself is spellbind by the Asian-centric theme. Originally established centring around a comic-like cafe, Roy, the owner of the place himself has conceptualised a character named Bmon which can be seen drawn as part of the interior at every corner of the cafe. Pretty wicked!

In addition to that, the furnishing of the place is somewhat interesting and unique unlike any other cafes around, from a series of Volkswagen collection as a display to a vintage famous London red bus hanging on to the shelves.

As diverse as its theme and concept around the cafe, the dishes and drinks offered are likewise. Its signature drink, Bmon Plant’s presentation is top-notch through a cup of cappuccino topped with whipped cream with sprinkled chocolate and mint leaves placed on top for the final touch. With its relaxing yet exciting atmosphere, its wide range of menu offered can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The mains vary from an all-day breakfast to Italian dishes of pastas and pizzas. One of its signature must-try dishes is the appetising Hippo in the Pond, with it being not an actual hippo but a set of potato croquet filled with sausages, crab sticks and corn.  

For a healthy kick start of the day, opt for its healthy Fruit Mayo Salad or perhaps the Tuna Mayo Salad for extra proteins. Set menus are offered during weekday’s lunchtime and without a doubt would attract customers around the noon, so be there ahead of everyone to get a seat before it becomes full house. For a thirst-quenching experience, have a try on the cafe’s iced soda apple. 

All in all, both to fill up your tummy and social media, Bcom is a place to be considered.


Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

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