Banana Leaf Restaurant Petaling Jaya

Indian food and mamak food, whatever it is, they are both not the same although similarities lurk among the two. Sometimes in life, Indian food is worth the enjoyment (for those who do not at Indian food regularly). The spices, tradition and authentic culture that lies from within is not matched with other cuisines. Banana leaf rice is also something to cherish, as people eat straight from the leaf instead of the more modern plates, which adds in flavour to the dish.

Situated in Petaling Jaya, or more specifically, inside the popular Centrepoint Bandar Utama, this restaurant is what one would call a step above the rest. It is located in a simple, not too big but not big small shop, perfect for all those seeking for a comfortable and relaxing yet simple dining experience. In terms of service, one can expect nothing more than the best by very friendly, polite, helpful and well - groomed staff. Banana leaf rice has been part of the Indian culture for a long time, deep within the roots of its culture which gives the food presentation it uniqueness.

Banana Leaf Restaurant not only serves typical Indian food but a blend of what you can get at the usual mamak restaurant. Of course, as its name suggests, banana leaf rice is its specialty here, so do give it a go, should you find yourself nearby. If that is not for you then, their mee goreng and the fried rice is worth a go as well. Not forgetting, none of it would be worth it without a glass of teh tarik