Located right smack in Kelana Jaya, Asian Rice Pot provides a South Indian gourmet alternative for those searching high and low for delectable Indian cuisines scattered all across Petaling Jaya. Sporting a large font signage emblazoned with bold red colours, this is eye-catching restaurant will bring about a rave-worthy gastronomic adventure entailing various spices and herbs.

As the name might suggest, the restaurant churns out pots of delicious South Indian fare, where you can find your favourite meats -choices ranging from poultry to lamb to seafood; infused with mouth-watering curry as well as a whole lot of vegetable dishes cooked together with a touch of India. Briyani rice is the way to go for those in need of their daily fix of the Malaysian staple. Cooked alongside an ample amount of spices and herbs, the resulting Basmati rice dish is nothing short of fragrant and fluffy. Coupled with any side-dish of your preference, whether it be beautiful mutton curry or enchanting chicken varuval, anyone having the said dish as a meal will leave the premises with a smile across their glowing face, with a satisfied belly to boot.

Of course, the briyani rice is not the only thing that is a crowd pleaser there. Here in Asian Rice Pot, you will find patrons eagerly scarfing down the all-too-familiar banana leaf rice course complemented by an array of tantalising South Indian recipes. Spread across a banana leaf, with the rice as the focal point, an assortment of condiments such as chutney, cucumber raita, cabbages, fried bitter gourd as well as curries of various kinds are made present as well, allowing patrons to feast on a meal entailing decadent textures and delectable flavours, courtesy of South India. To wash down this sumptuous meal, patrons can either opt for a serving of tangy rasam or go ahead with a glass of chilled mango lassi.

Those not in favour of rice based cuisine can also opt for thosai and chapati, made fresh from the kitchen upon order. The choice is yours to make but rest assured, you are in very safe hands.