To those who has a love for curries, anything spicy or those who prefer strong flavours, here is one that can satisfy your taste buds.  Started out in December 2017, Araliya presents Sri Lankan cuisine beyond your expectations. Sri Lankan cuisine has been shaped through many historical and cultural factors. It is an influence from the Indian, Indonesian and Dutch cuisines. 

Therefore, Araliya Sri Lankan cuisine is designed with Indian cultural settings, from the colours of their wall to their decorations. Best part of it all is the bar that they have in their restaurant. Order up some cocktails or a regular beer to chill out with your friends after work.  

The key to enjoying Sri Lankan food is simple, don't be afraid of strong flavors. As their curries are spicy and strong in flavour, have their pappadom and desserts to cool off. You'll be ready to conquer a table full of curry, dhal, sambal, and all the rest.

For something strong and flavourful, dig into their Mutton Bone which is well cooked with tender meat. For something sweet and spicy, have their fish from the sea Battered Tiger Prawns cooked with tasty sauce that balances out the flavour of the prawn.

A twist on the usual fish curry that you had, this Sri Lankan fish curry is cooked with coconut milk, so the texture of curry is very light and less oily which gives a clear taste of the coconut milk and curry mixed together. Fish used in the curry is also soft and fresh. Give this Sri Lankan cuisine a try for something different rather than sticking to your usual Indian cuisines.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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