Over the years, cafes in Malaysia has been spawning like there’s no tomorrow. From cafes that focus on concept or coffee, desserts or breakfast, there is bound to be one for each category. Alchemist Café is one of the latest addition to the dessert family –waffles &and Shibuya toast to be exact. Located in the heart of SS15, where it is known for the uncontrolled debut of various cafes, comes a humble but intriguing alchemist!


Alchemist Café SS15 sets to elevate the standards and expectation of desserts to its local diners. Opened in mid-December 2014 (12th to be exact), Alchemist Café has caught the attention of youngsters, typically college students around the vicinity. It’s no surprise as the café is moving towards a trendy, funky and hipster approach with its interior design. Prop-ed with a Bumblebee figurine from the Transformers series, playing cards, love lock, DIY-table and funky-coloured chairs, it truly is hipster indeed.


Apart from all its fancy décor, Shisha is also one of the activities that they offer. Famous for their “Milky Way” shisha that features fresh milk as its base that is incredibly smooth and aromatic, people, especially students from various colleges are lining up to try one of those! After all, there are plenty of people who occasionally enjoy a smooth and flavourful shisha along with a couple of drinks and desserts. One of the best, if not cheapest and most efficient way to pamper yourself after a hard day’s work at the college.

Shibuya Toast

As we get to know more about the idea and concept of Alchemist Café we asked one very simple question, “Why a dessert café?” The answer was simple – there simply wasn’t one in SS15 and they would like to focus on their desserts as their main selling point, which was understandable. Emphasising on both Belgian waffles and Shibuya Toast, which is pretty rare here in Malaysia, was their main objective. Hence, the idea and concept of a dessert café was born!

Fortunately, we were also able to try some of their signature dishes which includes Nutella Fanatic, a simple Belgian Waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, creamy Nutella, icing sugar, whipped cream and crushed peanuts. Despite the simple combination and the lack of fancy ingredients, the results were exceptional! Especially when it’s only priced at RM7.90 per serving, which is hell of a deal at SS15. It was truly memorable!

Another dish that we’ve tried was the Banana Oreo Shibuya Toast which was priced at a reasonable RM15.90! Served with warm toasted Shibuya toast, sliced bananas, crushed Oreos and vanilla ice cream with whipped cream; Crispy, creamy, rich, sweet and crunchy, the harmony between this 5 sensation was absolutely worth getting fat for. Along with the priced set for this awesome plate of dessert, what’s more to ask for besides a good cup of coffee?


Finally, a wholesome selection of big breakfast. Though it was supposed to serve first, it somehow came last. But nevertheless, we are always happy to sample a good plate of big breakfast, regardless the time! One of the first few things we noticed was the use of Belgian waffles instead of regular toasted bun and cheese ham. Nothing too fancy but a change nonetheless. First and foremost, the scramble eggs – smooth, creamy and seasoned to perfection. The sausage itself was plump, flavourful and succulent as well. Sauteed mushrooms, seared tomato and baked beans were all seasoned to perfection! Last but not least, the ham with stuffed cheese was incredibly addictive while the Belgian waffle adds a nice twist to the traditional big breakfast. All and all, it was hearty, delicious and most importantly, value for money!

Alchemist Dessert Cafe

Now, what the most important thing to accompany a solid meal right before the desserts? Drinks! Of course. A café wouldn’t be complete without their finest selection or signature drinks. Whether it is coffee, tea, chocolate, juice or even alcohol, each restaurant undeniably has one or more of them to serve. Some of Alchemist Café’s signature includes their Mojito, which is priced at a nifty RM3.90 and various coffees and chocolate drinks. Hence, if you’re ever bored or tired with the standard ‘mamak’ Teh O’ Ais or Milo Ais drinks, head over to Alchemist Café for something more luxurious, without bursting a hole through your wallet!

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