Located beside a mechanic’s shop in Section 5, just one street away from the KunThai in PJ and Soi 19 Thai BBQ lies Acha Curry House, an Indian restaurant only open for breakfast and lunch. Some of the regulars here often reminisce about the days of the restaurant more than 20 years ago when the decor left much to be desired. These days, Acha Curry House sports a few sturdy orange tables, a relaxing green paint job, a more permanent-looking frying station, and a waiter using an Android tablet to take orders. This shows the restaurant has made quite a name for themselves, to the point that it’s very common to find yourself waiting a while before getting seated.

As mentioned before, Acha Curry House is only open for breakfast and lunch, with each time of the day with its own uncompromising menu. For breakfast, customers can enjoy South Indian favourites such as thosai, roti, idli, as well as local favourites like nasi lemak. Of course, the star attraction of this restaurant is most certainly its banana leaf rice spread.

At Acha Curry House, customers can expect the slew of curries and vegetables that are at this point customary at most banana leaf rice outlets, such as chicken curry/varuval, mutton curry/varuval, fish curry, dhal, fried bitter gourd, and a whole lot more. However, the two main items that make Acha Curry House stand out have to be the crab curry, salted fish curry, and ikan bilis sambal.

So if you’re looking for a great banana leaf dining experience whilst in Petaling Jaya, Acha Curry House is a great starting point.

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