Having banana leaf rice for lunch is probably the most pleasurable thing to do and if you are looking for one in Subang Jaya, Abirami Restaurant is where you should head to. Here, you can pick your favourites from the wide-ranging menu of Indian cuisine available on the menu. Indulge in Banana Rice set that comes along with a selection of flavourful and spicy curries, plus some vegetables on the side. At this restaurant you can definitely eat like a king. The banana leaf rice is served with chutneys, pickles and customer’s choice of fish, chicken, or mutton curry along with Rasam, and optional plain yogurt.


Aside from that, you have also have Fried Bitter gourd, cucumbers and potatoes as side dishes. It is simply a great complementary for your meal with its crunchy and fresh texture. If you are still not ready to stop eating, you can go for the Chicken Masala. You will love the delicious dry spicy gravy served alongside the chicken. Not a fan of chicken? No problem, there are also other pretty good dishes like fried fish or fried Calamari that you can order.


However, we know that sometimes patrons are just in the mood for some light meals during the evening. At Abirami, you can also order the very famous roti canai. Many regular customers love the huge portion of the dish and how it is light and crispy. Some even say that the roti canai is one of the best in Subang Jaya. Traditional Kuih are also available for grab. So head over to Abirami Restaurant to experience yourself good Indian delicacies.