The name 798 actually derives from the creative concept of this restaurant. Each of the number represents the kind of ingredients that defines what shabu shabu is all about. 
There are seven varieties of sliced meat, 9 different types of soup, and 8 separate kinds of dipping sauce. While offering nearly ten options of soup bases and sauces are already quite a feat, 798 Shabu Shabu took one step further by being one of the very few that offers seven kinds of premium sliced meat.

While the meat slices can be common like the beef, chicken, pork, lamb and dory fish, they also provide unlimited orders of the premium abalone and venison. Each of the meat is sliced to its thin perfection that would allow the perfect cooking without most of the meat dissolving during the cooking process. Out of the nine soup bases, only four are available everyday; Pork Bone Clear Soup, Tom yam, Pepper and Herbal Soup, while the other five, Bak Kut Teh, Spicy, Kimchi, Miso, and Winter Melon are only made available on each day of a weekday according to the list. On weekends there will be an extra ‘tenth’ soup base that is kept a mystery and only to be discovered by the weekend crowd. The eight dipping sauces are encouraged to be mixed by the customers to create a new taste with options like Spicy & Sour Sauce, Thai ‘2S’, Peanut Sesame, Green Spicy and a few others.

While the rave is all about the meat, no hot pot is complete without the usual pre-made foods, vegetables and forms of carbohydrates. The restaurant also does things differently by providing individual pot and cooker at each table. While the soup has a lot of room for improvement, the whole dining experience is enough to warrant this place a visit.