Tucked away within the friendly neighbourhood, Kenyalang Park, the cafe caters to customers transcending generations. It is a place of choice for elders to meet friends over coffee, as well as for the younger generations to grab lunches after school.

Offering wide array of food selections, this cafe has a number of stalls selling delicacies ranging from traditional snacks or desserts to local Sarawak cuisines that can satisfy your tastebuds.

The cafe is famous for their signature Sarawak Kolo Mee which is best recommended with their fresh soya. However if you are in for light snacks for breakfast, or desserts for lunch, you may choose from their selections of Chinese traditional snacks such as the ang ku kueh (sweet red Chinese cake with green bean paste filling) and sio bee (traditional Chinese dumpling).

Traditional kuihs sold at the kopitiam - (from left) Seri Muka, Ang Ku Kuih, and Apam 
The sio bee is served with thick ketchup and soy sauce, in which when dipped, gives the perfect mix of flavours. As claimed by customers, sio bee (or siu mai) in Kuching generally tastes differently than the ones in other places.

The rojak sold at the stall in front of the cafe is also a must-try. Rojak in Kuching typically refers to rojak buah, which is the Malaysian variation of fruit salad, usually features slices of pineapple, turnip, cucumber, and fried tofu. The assorted ensemble is drenched in thick dark sauce called kuah rojak.

The friendly stall owners and good service are also added favourable factors for dining here.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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