Siang Siang Corner Tabuan Jaya Kuching

One of the biggest food courts in the vicinity of Tabuan Jaya, Siang Siang Corner is a 24-hour food and drinks centre where you can gather with your families and friends to have a good chat over decent meals.

The food court has many stalls from which you can choose your meal of the day. One of the high-selling food here is the Kolo Mee. There are two Kolo Mee stalls, Ah Lian Kolo Mee and Ah Ping Mee Stall, and both are selling fast. Kolo Mee, or bouncy egg noodles drizzled with lard dripping from cha siew pork is one of the signature Sarawak cuisines.

Other than offering local delicacies, there is also a stall selling Penang delicacies. Penang, known for the specialty of its har mee or Prawn Mee, has its own 'ambassador' in Kuching, doing justice to the well-known cuisine. You can choose either rice vermicelli (mihun) or the big yellow noodles for your Prawn Mee. The noodles, as the name suggested, is topped with prawns and floating in sweet prawn broth, with a dipping sauce (sambal) served at the side.

The Penang Food Stall also sells Fried Kueh Tiaw - the fragrant, greasy, and scrumptious flat noodles - of which Penang is also famous for. A comfort food that is well-loved nationwide is made up of flat noodles, soy sauce, bean sprouts, eggs, chives, cockles and prawns. The extraordinary thing about Penang fried kueh tiaw is the way it is being stir-fried in a wok over a high heat. Now, who says Kuchingites have to fly all over to Penang to have a plate of perfectly fried kueh tiaw, huh? It is right here at Siang Siang Corner, Tabuan Jaya!