Ah Tan Stall @ Jubilee Hexagon Kuching

The Jubilee Hawker Centre has been Kuchingites' favourite place to go for snacks since long ago, especially on a hot day.

Now in the shape of a hexagon (which also makes it now known as the Jubilee Hexagon), the hawker centre housed five stalls, one of which sells the famous Sarawak pork-free Kolo Mee, Ah Tan Stall.

Kolo Mee, or springy egg noodles coated with red sauce, that is served here is topped with minced and sliced BBQ chicken. It tastes similar to the non-halal variation. Some customers may not even be aware of the difference.

Since 'kolo' has added significant connotation to the typically red coloured noodles, there is also Kolo Kueh Tiaw - flat white noodles made with rice, boiled and drenched - of course - in the red sauce from the BBQ chicken. Though it may be of the same flavour as the Kolo Mee, the distinct taste and texture of the kueh tiaw brings a whole different savoury experience to your tastebuds.

Above all the tasty snacks and desserts, what really makes this little circular place located next to Jubilee Ground well-known are the stalls selling refreshing bowls of ais kacang. Ais kacang or shaved ice is a perfect choice to quench your thirst, particularly on a scorching hot day.

Other than selling pork-free Kolo Mee, Ah Tan also offers shaved ice, which is usually drizzled with evaporated milk and flavoured syrup, topped with mixes of fruit slices and jellies. There are varieties of flavours offered and the top-selling ones are White Lady and Matterhorn (or Metahon). Lychee and pineapple cubes are among the toppings for White Lady, whereas the Matterhorn is pandan flavoured ais kacang. Among other famous variaties are Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

For an after-lunch snacks, you may also have rojak from the rojak stall next door.

Rojak in Kuching typically refers to the localised fruit salad mixed with thick brownish sauce primarily made of belacan, soy sauce and other ingredients. The mixture of turnips, cucumber, pineapple, mango, and fried tofu is perfect for that salty, sweet, and a little spicy kick for your gut after meals.

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