Taha's Roti Jala & Roti Canai is one of Penang’s hidden gems. Positioned behind the Penang Dewan Undangan Negeri building, this gem is well known among Penang folks and tourists. It can be quite tricky when it comes to spotting the small stall because it is tucked by the road side and it looks just like the other hawkers in the area. In order to not miss it, you will have to drive slowly and look to your right. It is situated at the T-junction of Bishop street and Penang Street junction. Since Penang streets are usually one-way road, you will not miss this one.


This joint is popular among the office workers around each Street, Bishop Street, Queen Street, King Street and China Street. Early in the morning, the place is already packed with workers for breakfast before starting their day. If you realize, you probably would not find roti canai served with beef curry outside of Penang. Here you can indulge yourself with roti canai alongside the delightful beef curry. The gravy of the curry is thick and you can taste the spicy aroma of beef curry melting in your mouth. For a heavier meal, you can try the Roti Canai with Egg & Onions and Mixed Curry on top of the Roti Canai. The meal will definitely fill your growling tummy with its delicious spices flavours.


Roti Jala fans should definitely drop by to try the roti jala served here. No Roti Jala is complete without the beef curry as dipping. However, this dish is only available from 11am onwards. Delicious foods and cheap prices, there is no doubt that this small stall has a place in every local’s heart.