In terms of looks on the inside and outside, Singh Saab definitely looks a cut above the usual mamak stalls that you frequent around for cheap meals. And it’s definitely far from the high-end ones where simple appetizers cost more than your weekly salary. But for what it’s worth, Singh Saab has authentic North Indian dishes that is not only cooked by a true Singh chef, but is also worth every single penny.

When it comes to pastries, the Ghee Chapati is a simple, Chapati made with, well… Ghee, of course. It has a chewy texture that is satisfying and goes well with any type of curry Singh Saab has to offer.

Next, the Potato Perontha is a thicker and crumblier variant of the aforementioned Ghee Naan. Except instead of being made with ghee, potatoes are used instead to give it a good taste which pairs very well with curries.

Finally, the Kashmiri Naan is perhaps the most blingiest Naan bread you have ever seen in your life. Still made in standard procedures, but with a sweet twist as it is decorated with fruits you would typically see in a fruit cake. And makes a good appetizer to start your meal.

For curries, the Palak Paneer is a thick vegetarian gravy made from spinach paste and garlic. Thus making it great for vegetarians with a piece of Naan bread or Chapati.

Chicken Curry is a dish that we all still love to this day, and Singh Saab’s take on this old favourite is astounding. The curry is rich with spices and the chicken is so tender, it comes straight off the bone.

As for Northern India’s legendary dish, loved by everyone internationally, the Butter Chicken Tikka Masala is tangy on every level, thanks to the homemade Cottage Cheese the chef made himself. And large pieces of chicken can be found in the gravy, waiting to be unearthed by patrons with their pieces of Naan, Chapati, or Perontha as their shovels.