Ask anyone in Kuantan for the best Curry Noodles in the town, and most of them will tell you it's Hoi Yin. Located near the beach, Hoi Yin is an old restaurant with Curry Noodles loved by all races as it is Halal. Many Malays in Kuantan are fans of Hoi Yin and visit regularly to satisfy their cravings for a hot bowl of Curry Noodles.

Remember the proverb "Early bird gets the worm"? That proverb is applicable to this restaurant because if you're not early, you might just miss out on a good breakfast. Hoi Yin's Curry Noodles not only sells well, but it sells out fast. The seatings are limited as the restaurant fairly medium, and tables had to be placed outside of the restaurants to provide more customers with seats.

The Curry Noodles come in three different sizes; Jumbo, Big and Small. If you have a big appetite, go for the Jumbo size because it's worth every cent. The noodles are springy, the chicken is tender, the cockle is fresh, and there's extra chili sauce if you think your bowl of noodles is not spicy enough!

The best condition to eat this bowl of Curry Noodles? Rainy days. The comfort of hot curry soup under a cold weather will make you feel like you're finally home after a long day of work.