Previously known by everyone as “Station 1 Café” of Johor Bahru, Paper Restaurant is a modern and hip bistro-style restaurant that is drawing in waves of customers ranging from youngsters looking to have a good time and have a few games of darts, and more mature patrons who wants wind down during after-work hours over a glass of beer.

Inside, you’ll find a bistro-style interior with a comfortable environment, if not a hip and modern design that will certainly draw in younger audiences and complete with bistro-style games such as darts and billiards to pass the time. Outdoors, on the other hand, holds more tables and seating for the smokers and vapers with some beautiful potted plants placed outside.

Getting into food, as a bistro-style restaurant, Paper Restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes ranging from simple appetizers to main courses, starting with a healthy dose of chicken drumsticks wings marinaded and fried in different unique flavours.

If you prefer having a bigger piece of poultry instead, a variety of chicken chops are also available in different twists and flavours to stand out against each other.

More Western dishes include, but not limited to, many burgers including one that has a heart-shaped bun served with a beef patty perfectly grilled in between them.

Western dishes aren’t the only thing on the menu either, Asian dishes like fried rice and such are also served for those who are looking for a more oriental taste.

Desserts are extravagant and are a great way to end the meal with a sweet bang, like their colourufl signature Ice Kacang.