Muito Bom Brazilian BBQ

Attention to all meat lovers! If you are the type that loves all-you-can-eat buffets, this one is for you too! At Bangsar, you can have a taste of Brazil’s unique barbecue with an affordable and reasonable price through Muito Bom Brazilian BBQ. This restaurant offers churrascaria de rodizio dining experience which is when customers pay a set price and waiters with a variety of skewered grilled meat will walk around and cut out in portions for you.

Muito Bom Brazilian BBQ not only promises unlimited meat but also endless music. The restaurant is spacious and it consists of a bar, a stage, indoor and outdoor dining area where patrons can come together for a feast while listening to live artists perform on stage. This place has a very chill ambience so it is an ideal place to unwind after a long day with their signature cocktails in hand, instead of being like busy restaurants that want you to eat and get out, Muito Bom Brazilian BBQ welcomes you to eat and stay to chill out.

Indoor area with bar and stage.
Outdoor area

During the buffet, the passadores of the restaurant will bring out more than 12 types of skewered food starting from the lighter ones, like garlic bread, to the heavier ones, like lamb shoulder, there was so much food being serve that we could barely keep count! Other than skewered foods, they also offer a salad bar where you can take unlimited amount of vegetables, fruits, soup and even pasta! Sounds like a feast, but what if you want to take a break? No worries, tokens are given to every diner that has a red side and a green side – red means stop, green means go – so when you’re feeling a little full just flip the token to the red side and the passadores will get the message and leave you alone. When you’re up and ready for another round, flip the token back to green and the passadores will start marching towards you with skewers of meat.

Salad bar with soups and pasta
All the meat in its full glory! (RM70)

We were introduced to the restaurant’s feijoada - a Brazilian black bean stew but the restaurant has opted for beef instead of pork -the stew was very flavourful and it really opened up our appetite. Fresh off the grill, we were served their signature Picanha which is a top sirloin cap seasoned simply with only salt and pepper to allow the original taste of the meat shine through, the meat was extremely juicy and grilled to perfection. Lastly, we were brought to the bar to have their signature Batida and pineapple infused rum with glazed pineapples which got us buzzy for the rest of the night. Overall, Muito Bom Brazilian BBQ is a meat lover’s paradise and the restaurant is the perfect place to just chill out and have friends and family come together to sample different skewered meats and their inventive sides.

Signature, Picanha
Batida (RM 20) and pineapple shots