Fried Oyster Main Teppan Dish (RM23)
Konnichiwa! (That means “Hello” in Japanese) What if I tell you that all it takes for some smoking hot teppanyaki is just a few escalators away? That’s because Level 4 of Lot 10 is a floor filled with Japanese restaurants and I dare say Fujisakura is one of the most delectable and affordable teppanyakis you’ll ever find.

Opened during January 2018, Fujisakura is located at the fourth floor of Lot 10, also known as J’s Gate Dining. Furthermore, the whole floor is a food court which means there is plenty of tables available for patrons and it is usually crowded with office workers during weekdays.

Fujisakura’s friendly manager has introduced us to 2 of their signature dishes – Fried Chicken Omelette Teppan Dish (RM18) and Fried Oyster Main Teppan Dish (RM23). Both dishes were served to us in all their sizzling and piping hot glory, which reminds me why Teppanyaki is one of all-time favourite dishes to have.

Cutting to the chase, their Fried Chicken Omelette  Teppan Dish was extremely delectable and surrounded by a pool of cream sauce that makes the chicken pair well with the rice that is wrapped beautifully by an egg blanket. Lastly, the Fried Oyster Main Teppan Dish is definitely a must try for oyster lovers as the oysters were fried to perfection, making it the highlight of the meal.

Fried Chicken Omelette Teppan Dish (RM18)
Fried Oyster Main Teppan Dish (RM23)