If you're craving for seafood in Kuantan, many would suggest the famous Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant. Located along the Jalan Beserah, you will come across a shop that serves some of the most incredible seafood dishes ever. 

Normally packed with a lot of customers on any night, you’ll have to end up waiting for quite some time until your order arrives. Despite that, the food speaks for itself with the incredible aroma and fragrantly well-cooked dish. Most would say that it’s worth the wait, and it is. 

One of their signature dishes would be the Beggar Chicken. It’s wrapped in foil when it’s served, but upon unfolding the foil, you would smell a strong herbal gravy smell would just strikes you as delicious. The chicken meat is so well cooked that the meat could easily be detached from the bones. The meat, when placed inside your mouth, would instantly let out this amazing herbal smell from within, which is good for your health. Though the serving is not as big, it is definitely a dish that anyone should try. 

Another classic specialty of Alor Akar would be the Thai Style Steam Fish. What makes this dish so appetizing is the seasoning used and the method of cooking. Steaming the fish to make the flesh soft, combined with the spiciness of their gravy would make you crave for more. The hint of sweet and sour flavor from the pineapples really would give your taste bud a kick, making the dish just much more enjoyable. 

Of course, those were only some of the more famous dish that the restaurant serves. Others that are worthy of mentioning are the Yam Ring with Ribs, Butter Mantis Prawns, and Crispy Sesame Chicken. All of these servings normally cater to large crowds, such as a group of friends or family dinner. So if you're visiting this restaurant, get your taste buds ready because it will leave a mark that you will never forget.