Fresh and Homemade by The Baker Bukit Mertajam

Founded by Liana Puspasari together with her husband and mother in law, 'Fresh and Homemade by The Baker' is in the hearts of Penang. Her goal of starting a local bakery is to produce only fresh and homemade cakes. The home bakery uses 100% natural premium baked goods made with the finest ingredients delivered to your home. You no longer have to settle for additive and preservative-filled bread. Those non residing in Penang fret not as deliveries/postage is available to Pahang, Selangor, and even Kuala Lumpur.

Enjoy the healthy goodness of wholemeal bread in every bite. Made with the finest quality ingredients such as yogurt, milk, eggs, butter. It is a healthier alternative because wholemeal flour has a lot more fiber and nutrition than processed white flour. 

Every warm and soft slice of chia seed bread is simply delicious. You can enjoy the seed bread with butter, savory spread, cheese, jam, or marmalade. Made with natural fermentation dough and 100% made with the finest natural premium ingredients.

Baked with a unique blend of ingredients using pure natural butter and imported high-quality cocoa. Ignite your senses in every bite with this classic tea-time favorite.

Using only the fine butter to make it a delicate and airy texture and alluring buttery aroma. Simply aromatic and delicious.

Topped with cheddar cheese to give it a slight hint of saltiness which creates a harmonious flavourful bun. You get a taste of the distinctive fragrant of the freshly baked bun. Stuffed with medium size green raisins to give sweetness to every bite.

"Mi ku" is pink steamed buns that are made for traditional Chinese celebrations. They are healthy buns re-steamed, skin taken away, and eat with a cup of hot coffee. Some even pan fry it until crispy and fragrant.

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