Stan & Brew Roast Coffee Cafe Ipoh

Looking for a cup of coffee and a place to unwind, away from the midday sun in the hustling town of Ipoh? Why not head down to Stan & Brew Roast Coffee Cafe located at Soho Ipoh, just a street away from Ipoh Parade. Elegantly furnished, well-lit and of course, air-conditioned, this is one cafe you'll want to step into if you wish to grab a cuppa, sit back and relax.

Here, as the name aptly suggests, Stan & Brew provides coffee connoisseurs with the caffeinated fix that they desire with extensive selection of coffee -hot or cold; from Americano to Cappucino, Latte to Mocha to Expresso and they are all hand-brewed from scratch, allowing patrons to have coffee the way it's supposed to be: in an authentic manner. 

Of course, if you're not into the conventional coffee, you can opt for the contemporary ones. In Stan & Brew, they serve Ice-blended/smoothie variations as well, allowing your inner child to squeal with delight as you grab hold of your favorite ice-blended beverage.


As far as their menu is concerned -yes, they do serve substantial food here; their opening hours of 7.30AM to the wee hours of the night meant that they cater to breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, possibly even supper if they can help it. In terms of breakfast, sandwiches, pancakes and pastries are served here but of course, you can never go wrong with their signature Stan & Brew big breakfast, comprising of hollandaise poached eggs, grilled tomatoes, hash browns, baked beans, fruit compote and smoked chicken ham. 

As for lunch, take your pick out of their selection of chops, fish fillets, steaks and burgers. Their best-sellers include the generic Chicken Chop -grilled boneless chicken thighs served with a healthy portion of mixed salad, topped with mushroom demi-glace; and also their New York Fish and Chip -seabass fillet with batter fried to a crispy golden consistency, garnished with side salad and served with a generous amount of tartare sauce.

Burgers and pastas are also available here, with  burger patties ranging from chicken to beef to fish while pastas have their selection of tantalizing sauces as well. Signature pastas of Stan & Brew includes the seafood aglio-olio. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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