If you're by chance a resident in Ipoh catching yourself looking for a scalding hot cauldron of the aptly named hotpot dish, say no more and head on over to Restoran Spicy Hotpot located in Medan Ipoh Bestari where good, heartening food awaits.

With interior and outer seating, patrons can choose to opt for the blast of cool air-conditioning or the breeze of the day, depending on their personal preferences. However, we do recommend that you stay indoors because even if the atmosphere outside does not make you sweat, the spiciness of the hotpots will.

In essence, this particular food joint serves only hotpot but rest assured, this is a blessing in disguise because the small selection of food items allow Spicy Hotpot to really focus on their speciality fare, putting out exquisite hotpots for its patrons to enjoy. Utilising a spicy broth heated up to a stew-like consistency -thick and creamy; the dish is usually accompanied either by chunks of tender chicken, flaky fish cuts, gamy lamb chunks or succulent pork belly slices. 

Savoury being the name of the game to describe the dish's property when it boils down to flavour of the dish, amidst the spiciness and slight tinge of saltiness, the hotpot, upon consuming all the present ingredients, can be turned into partial steamboat by adding scalding water into the fray. From there henceforth, patrons can sample various other steamboat ingredients available from their steamboat section. Of course, price incurred are based on what you pick, so choose wisely.