Nestled in the outskirts of the city, Restoran Pulau Sembilan is home to one of the renowned dish you can ever find in Ipoh- the ‘Kai Si Hor Fun’ or chicken kuey teow soup. Besides this overshadowing stall, there are also many other choices of breakfast foods like Nasi Lemak and homemade pork rib noodles; which is also a stall that is not given too much credit for their springy noodles and delectable pork ribs. They also have a nice serving of Chee Cheong Fun where you will get thick rice noodle rolls with thick black sauce and some chili paste on the side.

The stall is run by an owner who has been in this industry for more than 10 years in another coffee shop named Jen Jen Restaurant and then decided to put the business on hold to pursue other business interests. Now, he is at Restoran Pulau Sembilan in Pasir Puteh; selling the bowl of goodness in the mornings and is still attracting more customers as before. What makes his dish stand out is his style of presenting it. Given the name Ah Tiong Kai See Hor Fun, it is served with much care and attention in both dry and the soup versions. For the soup bowl, you will get a perfect combination of chicken and prawn broth emphasised with streaks of orange oil. The noodles is the kuey teow which are evenly spread into the broth and then accompanied by pieces of tender poached chicken and boiled shrimps. The dish is finally topped with fresh spring onions and fried shallots for more fragrance. There is a small saucer of chili padi in soy sauce to enhance the spicy flavour if you need any.

The dry version is just as tasty as the soup type and is more emphasised with the red-hue that appears with the combination of light and dark soy sauces. The broth is also thick and savoury with the fair amount of chicken and shrimps.