For briyani rice lovers in Ipoh, Restoran M. Salim exists as one of the best Indian Muslim restaurant to get the decadent rice dish consisting of long-grained, fluffy and fragrant Basmati rice cooked with loads of herbs and spices. Located a stone's throw away from Ipoh's notoriously addictive 'nasi ganja', this particular M. Salim restaurant packs a punch in its own unique way.

Known better as Nasi Briyani Anarkali -Anarkali derived from the term used to describe superior grade Basmati rice; amongst those who pays frequent patronage to M. Salim's exquisite food fare, the rice dish is tasty enough to be eaten plain -sans the complimentary condiments. Coupled with the whiff of herbs and spices, this dish is more than capable of sending patrons on an adventure of gastronomical proportions.

Of course, with nasi briyani involved -Anarkali or not; the ensemble of your preferred meat dish is mandatory to further elevate your briyani dining experience and here in M. Salim, the best of curry meat fare is brought fresh from the kitchen and shoved right in front of your nose. Be prepared for a culinary assault on your senses. Available between chicken or mutton, both meat dish is tenderly cooked to perfection, with the fragrant curry permeating the protein but not quite overpowering the overall flavour of the meat dish. An intricate balance indeed. Pair those with the wonderful briyani rice and you'll get a dish unrivalled by many others.

Aside from decadent briyani, M. Salim also provides another rice alternative that comes in the form of nasi kandar, ready to be taken with the myriad of side dishes whipped up from M. Salim's kitchen. And if rice is not your thing for that particular meal, M. Salim also accommodates to all "roti" and "mee" needs, dishing out the all-time Malaysian favourite roti canai or mee goreng