Potpourri House Café is located within the same colonial-styled building as Adionis Bridal Manoir. The Master Chef, Henry Choong is a self-taught chef who is better known for being the owner of a chain of bridal outlets. He had since handed the management of those bridal shops to his children to pursue his passion for culinary arts. Nevertheless, his experience from the bridal field serves him well as Potpourri House Café is beautifully decorated with an English cottage concept reminiscence of a bridal photoshoot set.

The interior of the café is dominated with the colour white with bits of pink. An elegant white grand piano sits at the corner and is often played by their resident pianist. Flowers in different shades of pink are hung in bouquets, wreaths and placed in vases. The bricks walls are strewn with lacy, floral decorations and the furniture are of vintage style. Pretty little trinkets and some potted plants are placed on shelves and soft toys such as teddy bears sit at random spots.

Do sample their famed High Tea which includes a variety of pastry such as colourful macarons, mini cheesecake, tiramisu and bread with cheese. You can also give their Mushroom Soup a try. It is made from scratch with bits of minced chicken, and is of the perfect consistency. Do also sample their Brownieswith Vanilla Ice-cream, a blissful combination of sweet, warm chocolate pastry and cold, melty ice-cream. The crushed roasted peanuts on top adds to the flavour. Their Smoked Duck Spaghetti is flavorful, with the juicy duck complementing perfectly with the tomato slices and pasta. Their Salmon Steak is devoid of any fishy smell and comes with salad. The Tortilla Wrap is coated with a slightly sweet outer later and filled to the brim with eggs, ham and sour cream.

The café is also available for booking for corporate functions, private events and annual dinners. Do check it out.