Yong Tau Fu Restaurant @ The One Terrace Bayan Lepas

Yong tau fu’s are quite a common dish here in Malaysia with Chinese restaurants succeeding in commercialising their branch of restaurants specifically catering to yong tau fu. Yong Tau Fu Restaurant may not be as successful with chains across the nation but even in the intense competition, they are holding out pretty well. 

Situated at The One Terrace in Bayan Lepas, Yong Tau Fu Restaurant has been steadily gaining support over the years. Operating in a small shop lot, the simple decoration exudes comfort and casual familiarity. Air-conditioned with tables and plastic chairs, like most yong tau fu establishment, patrons do not have to care about much else other than the food when dining in.

Yong tau fu is eaten by personally choosing the ingredients from the variety available, mostly meat or fish paste stuffed in tofu or vegetables. This establishment is no different. However, restaurants do have to single out themselves in order to survive the competition by serving something different than most. So, Yong Tau Fu Restaurant serves up their specialised dish  in either the common clear soup or in tom yam soup. It is not common for yong tau fu to be served in a broth that has strong flavours but this do give the extra kick for the adventurous souls. Even so, the tom yam flavour is kept simple so as to fit as many of the common taste buds. Customers could choose to have their food served with a side of noodles of yellow noodles, vermicelli, or tang hoon, or rice or either mushroom or white rice. The fried items are appreciatively not too oily with options like dough fritters, dumplings and meat rolls. 

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