Nestled in the bustling area of Lebuh Penang which is also known as Little India, this wonderful vegetarian restaurant has captured the attention of many passersby. Though surrounded by many other Indian restaurants, it is still one of the favoured places. Given the name Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant, it has come to a point where many would not settle for anything less; even if it is only Indian vegetarian fare. Because they have three different serving times which include breakfast, lunch and dinner, the menu also allocates food available for that particular time of day. Therefore, there is no possibility in any condition will they accommodate those who would want to order out of the allocated time.

If you are there for lunch, they have a recommended dish called the Woodlands Special Thali. It is where a round and deep plate layered with a banana leaf and then accompanied by a few mini metal bowls filled with sides.  The sides include dhal, sambar, rasam, 3 types of vegetables and other portions available for that day itself. But based on the basics served, you will get a good combination from sweet to sour to slightly spicy.

Another common dish ordered is the Masala Dosai, which is a stuffed Indian pancake. Made from fermented batter, the dosai gives a taint sour taste and while accompanied with chutneys made from coconut and tomato. While the texture is thin and crispy, the chutney and sambar makes it a good combination to consume.

If you are looking at the adorable looking ball-shaped pancake that is on quite a number of tables, that is called the Chenna Batura. This big fluffy fried bread is served with chicken peas stew for a nice tasty treat.

As similar to other Indian food outlets, they do serve roti and naan but limited to the vegetarian choices. For a beverage to match your meal, order a cup of Masala Chai which is black tea with milk and sugar plus a few other ingredients like ginger, cloves and also cinnamon with a little spicy tingling sensation on your tongue. If you are looking for something sweet to bite on, Woodlands has it covered by having a sweet stall on its on arranged near the entrance which provides all kinds of North and South Indian sweets.

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