Have you ever been to a bicycle-themed café? In Penang, there is a cool place called Wheeler's Coffee that utilises uncountable bikes as their interior decorations. You can see bicycle almost everywhere as furniture, on the walls, and even as one of the arts. Situated at Love Lane and neighbouring Love and Latte Café, this place can be considered as a newbie in the coffee scene after starting their operation in June 2014. Since they are still quite new in this industry, their menu selection is pretty much limited. However, you can still have brunch, lunch and dinner meals here.


One of the recommended dish is the Egg Benedict with Ham and Bacon. The flawlessly poached egg is served with Chicken and Turkey Ham, while being crammed with a soft and fluffy English Muffin. The moment you cut open the egg, all the goodness from the yolk will start to flow out beautifully. Pair it with the Turkey and Chicken Ham, and your meal will be complete. However, instead of adding Hollandaise Sauce in the dish, they decided to switch it with Mustard sauce. With only RM9, this one can be considered as satisfactory.


For something different, you can have one of their light meal; the Fruit Bagel. This brunch meal is made of freshly cut apples, grapes, and oranges that are mixed with yogurt and sandwiched with bagel. Yes, it might sound different but try it out first. Who knows it might become the next big thing! Don’t leave this place without a sweet dessert. Crème Brulee and Panna Cotta are among the bestsellers at Wheeler's Coffee. Everything here is big and good you probably don’t mind cycling here every day.