Buffets are always a treat to the tummies where you could munch and bunch up all the food you could eat. What’s more a Japanese buffet that’s packed with all your favourites and you can eat different kinds of dishes for just one price to pay. If you’re tuned to this deal, Waka Japanese Restaurant at the Bayview Hotel, Georgetown has that offer to you. The restaurant is operated by a couple Mr and Mrs Andrew. The restaurant has been up and running for several years and its business is fairly decent. 


The restaurant is fashioned like a Japanese/Chinese style. You’ll be greeted with two brightly lit red lanterns before entering the restaurant. Since it's placed inside a hotel, customers would not have to worry about the air ventilation. The place is complete with air-conditioning. The interior of the restaurant is very much like an upper-class restaurant. It's fully carpeted and furniture is neatly arranged. Antique paintings and shelves of alcohol are placed around the walls of the restaurant as décor. There’s also private rooms available for those who want to reserve for private family gatherings or other special functions. You’ll be greeted by a black cloth with adorable cartooned kittens at the entrance of the private room.


Waka serve’s a variety of dishes including the Chicken Teriyaki Pizza, Shake Tataki, Maki, Tori Teriyaki and of course the Belly Batayaki where the salmon belly is pan-fried with butter to perfection. If you’re there for lunch, you could also try some of their set menus such as the Salmon Batayaki Set, Saba Shioyaki Set or the Chicken Teriyaki Set.  Aside from their dishes, if you’re deciding to treat yourselves to more than just a meal, go for the buffet. However do take note that buffet is only available on Fridays and Sundays during lunchtime. Also, to complete your meal, Japanese green tea would be best. 

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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