Wah Li Fried Rice And Coffee Shop George Town

Located behind Nasi Kandar Subaidah and just opposite Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant is Wah Li Fried Rice & Coffee Shop. During lunch hours, the restaurant houses many stalls like a large number of Chinese restaurants and coffee shops in the country. One of the stalls to be found during lunch time includes economy rice. It’s namesake fried rice is available in the evening, along with a number of other stalls. The fried rice stall (aptly named Fried Rice King) is the driving force behind the success of this restaurant with his signature plate of fried rice.

When it comes to the fried rice at this stall, there are a number of different preparations and versions to enjoy such as chicken curry, salted fish, sambal, and much more. That said, it is definitely without a doubt that the standout fried rice dish here has to be the pai kut (pork ribs) fried rice. The boneless pork ribs are prepared by frying the pork ribs first before mixing it with the sauce to still experience the crunchiness from the frying. Its prepared in small quantities and a newer batch is made once the big bowl of it finishes. The turnover is so fast with so many people ordering this fried rice, thus, it guarantees that the pork ribs here are always 'fresh'. On top of this, some of the sides can also be topped up, namely the pork ribs and chicken curry. This stall also fries up some mee hoon to break up the fried rice monotony slightly.


So if you’re looking for a great plate of fried rice in Penang, Wah Li Fried Rice & Coffee Shop is a must try.