Considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Penang, Via Pre in Weld Quay has only been around for a few years. Even so, the ambitious work of its chef has created a menu that keeps the interests coming in. Situated in a colonial building, the interior tells a different story than what one might expect looking at the outside. Patrons could also be entertained with live band performances on the upstairs pub lounge every weekend nights that is sure to attract much attention from fun-seekers that above all could wine and dine with a bit of entertainment.

The extensive menu covers everything that one could think of, from antipasti to mains, pasta and pizza, and a variety of desserts, it is easy to get lost in the food as it is to get lost in the relaxed ambience. While the food has received much love from the community, the quality of each resulted in no particular must try’s, although, some do deserve their own mentions.

To start off the meal, Via Pre’s Assorted Cured Hams & Sausages with Antipastos is a sure win to start off any meal. The antipasto is a simple plate of thinly sliced meat with five antipasti of artichokes, aubergines, olives, capsicum and sun-dried tomatoes with a few cheeses thrown in for good measure. By only using the finest quality products, you’d get a premium plate for a price but it’s worth it.

The pasta tells a different story with their various mixes of ingredients like the celebrated pasta in rich wild boar and sausages ragout along with wild mushrooms. Dessert-wise, both the crème brulee and tiramisu are stars in their own right.

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