Tsurukame Shabu Shabu Buffet Bayan Lepas

Located within the premises of Queensbay Mall, Penang, Tsurukame Shabu Shabu Buffet caters to all sushi aficionados and hotpot lovers alike with a decadent trail of gourmet good eats hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun.

In general, the Japanese restaurant comprises of both hotpot services as well as a sushi conveyor belt which traverses the entire length of the restaurant, making it convenient for patrons to grab their freshly made sushi off the belt. Certain sushi variety requires patrons to place an order beforehand due to restaurant policies to ensure no food goes to waste as well as to retain the all-too-important freshness, in particular the sashimi comprising of succulent, briny raw fish slices.

Moving on to their hotpot, the restaurant dabbles in shabu-shabu style hotpot, where meat is the central focus of the meal. Patrons will be given a selection between four different kinds of broth; each with their distinct flavours namely clear-chicken-stock broth, tangy Tom Yam broth, spicy Kimchi broth as well as their best-recommended savoury, salty Miso broth. Poured into a cauldron heated by infrared cookers, the broth will be scalding hot in no time and that's when patrons would eagerly unleash the raw ingredients to be cooked in their respective cauldrons of piping hot broth. 

Considering it is a buffet style Japanese restaurant, hotpot ingredients are rather extensive with meat of all kinds -chicken, lamb and beef; available for consumption along with seafood of all kinds readily prepped beforehand to be served to hungry patrons. From oysters to mussels, to octopuses, fish and prawns, patrons will be in for a briny good time devouring seafood and meat fresh from the farm. 

For desserts, patrons can opt for their selection of fruits and ice-cream which are free-flow, so be sure to pamper yourself at the end of the meal with a generous dose of sweet, sweet delight.