For Malaysians, nothing is better than to be overwhelmed by durian galore. The scrumptious looking fruit in South-East Asia’s King of Fruits is the ever in favour by every local around. There is a saying that goes ‘when a durian tree is already ripe and sweet, many of the durians will fall to the ground’. Applying the literal context to our surrounding, it really does mean that when a durian tree is already ripe and sweet, durian season is here and people will start to swarm around looking for the best place to satisfy their crave. This is where TNG Siang Hock Trading comes in.

TNG Siang Hock Trading started its venture back in 2014 and throughout the years it has increases its demand in supplying more and more durians to cater for the hungry beasts! Jokes aside, this place is definitely a crowd-pleaser specifically for durian lovers who would want to roll in bed full of durians. Literal wise, unquestionably would be a bad idea. However, this place establishment in Georgetown Penang is claimed to be one of the best buffets around Penang to have especially considering that high quality durians such as Musang king and D24 are served here.

Stepping into the place, stacks of durians can be seen as their ultimate display that pretty much furnishes most of the spaces here but that does not stop them for providing a comfortable environment for patrons to enjoy their durians. Unlike any other durian stalls with open-airs affairs, this durian place is situated in a legit concrete building, giving off a tad different experience for durian lovers out there. 

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