Patrons of Gurney Paragon Mall are fortunately to be blessed with the existence of The Man Goes Cafe situated at Level 3 of the mall where this gem does not joke around on the coffees and desserts that the cafe serves. Conveniently it sits in the midst of bustling throngs of people for once in a while it will be a pleasant place to take a rest and enjoy a quick coffee session with its comfortable lounge chairs after a long day of shopping. Interestingly The Man Goes Cafe here is quite limited on its space but that does not stop them from serving one of the best coffees in town and the scrumptious looking desserts are to die for.

Many have had their fair share in devouring Man Goes’s famous line of desserts and to boot it with its coffees that are beautifully crafted by experienced baristas, which perhaps all of them can testify on their deliciousness that simply cannot be missed. Man Goes’s Mango Cheesecake is a prize winner and this house best selling item with its rich mango flavour and concentrated cheese flavour that entangled nicely with one another. Perhaps the cheesecake would be perfect after having this cafe’s line of mains that extended from sandwiches to lamb skewer. This cafe takes seriously on its passion for brewery where only special grade blends that stems from Chiang Mai Vietnam, Arabica beans, Sumatra Mendheling, and Indian Arabica beans are taken and served which pretty much explains as to why patrons seem to opt for Man Goes cafe to get their daily fix of caffeine.