Tucked in the middle of Stewart Lane Georgetown Pulau Pinang, Daily Dose Cafe attracts its customers mainly based on two virtues namely Daily Dose’s coffee, and the delicious in house dishes that complements the coffee that they specializes in. For a good place of cuppa to sprout in Penang is never an often business but among the few that has made a name, Daily Dose Cafe is without a doubt one of the cafes that cannot be missed. The drinks including shakes and hot beverages are quite extensive in the offerings of Daily Dose considering that it is their forte and the baristas here are no ordinary in manning the skills that some of us can only wish for. Every cup of coffee art is well crafted, prettily pleasing the eyes as much as to the tongue palette. Food choices are a little frivolous but more than enough such as arrays of breakfast dishes, to complement the scrumptious beverage that is the highlight of the Daily Dose journey. The name itself is fitting the nature of its customers where coffee addicts do need their daily dose of coffee to be fixed especially in the morning and Daily Dose Cafe provides exactly for such.

The house of Daily Dose Cafe is well decorated with an evident wooden monument that holds the light hanging on the ceiling. Traces of garden plants on some corners where the sun beam lit shading them can be seen the minute you walked in of which this cafe can be said naturally ventilated and without a doubt, airy too. An absolute perfect cafe for some relaxing time. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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