Teluk Kumbar Seafood (Hau Yu) Georgetown

Teluk Kumbar has been predominantly known for it's seafood eateries for the past few years as far as food is concerned. This comes as no surprise with more than three seafood outlets along the same stretch. One of these outlets is Hau Yu Teluk Kumbar seafood. Located at the southern end of the State of Penang, the one thing this eatery has going for it is the beach view that lay in front of it. In a similar fashion, the interior is just as laid back, with plastic tables and chairs that are pushed into the sand for stability, which hold all the delicious seafood.

Speaking of which, Hau Yu serves some of the freshest seafood out there, which is obvious considering there's a beach nearby. These are put on display for customers to choose from. Some of the dishes customers are likely to come across include the sweet & sour egg crab, deep fried squid, fried curry squid, and much more. One dish that stands out a lot a lot in this restaurant funnily enough isn't a seafood dish. The dish being referred to is their satay, which comes in their own unique marinade.

To go along with these seafood dishes, there are a number of vegetable and vegetarian dishes to enjoy as well. These include baby Chinese kale, asparagus, tofu, watercress, spinach, and a few others.

In short, there are very few restaurants out there that will guarantee the same level of seafood freshness and casual laid back beach setting that Hau Yu offers, so do head there to get your seafood fix if the opportunity presents itself.

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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