It is fairly difficult to find a Tong Sui shop in Penang as most Tong Sui sellers operate from roadside stalls and only sell a few types of dessert. However, fret not as Sweet Temptations Shop House, also known as Sweet-i serves so many varieties of Tong Sui that you will be swamped with choices upon entering. They aim to make their desserts as healthy as possible, opting for ingredients such as fresh black sesames, wolfberries, gingko nuts and lotus seeds. The place is ideal for those who pay attention to their sugar intake, as they often use fruits as natural sweetener rather than putting in a copious amount of sugar.

Due to rental issues, they had been moving around but are now permanently settled in an outlet in Taman Lip Sin opposite to the empty land next to Phor Tay primary school. Nestled among terrace houses, this humble-looking shop is capable of serving up a storm in their hot piping bowls of Tong Sui. Their Black Glutinous Rice is a must try. Consisting of black glutinous rice boiled with red bean and pandan leaves, it will surely delight your taste buds. It is served with coconut milk drizzled onto the bowl in a manner similar to coffee art, so be sure to get your phone cameras ready. Their Gui Ling Gao is also delectable, with raw honey serving as a perfect complement of the slightly bitter jelly. Cold on the tongue and smooth in the throat, it will surely freshen you up in this Malaysian heat.

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