In 2013, the pork burger craze hit it’s climax, with more than 10 burger stalls and restaurants championing homemade pork patties to the masses. Another trend that was on the rise was the use of the charcoal bun, which took Kuala Lumpur by storm, and spread throughout Penang. Stacks Burger was included in this fold as well. During this period, Stacks Burger started out as a roadside stall near Sentral College, then shortly after moved to Siam Road. Now, Stacks Burger is a full fledged restaurant in Transfer Road.

As far as the food at Stacks Burger is concerned, the menu is pretty simple, with only two main options available, namely the smoked BBQ pork burger and the smoked BBQ chicken burger. To make the burgers more extravagant, patrons can stack on additional items such as pork patties, chicken thigh, cheddar cheese, griddle-fried egg, pineapple rings, streaky bacon, ham, and mozzarella cheese. This arrangement works well in giving customers a great deal of ease in finalising their order. It has regularly been noted that the pork patties at Stacks Burger are slightly thicker than their contemporaries, showing the extra care and attention the establishment has placed in their burgers.

As far as drinks go, the variety is definitely much smaller and concise, with items such as mineral water, canned drinks, Minute Maid fruit juices, and beer to choose from. So if you’re looking for your pork burger and charcoal bun fix while in Penang, do give Stacks Burger a try.

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