Sin Nam Huat Roasted Chicken and Duck rice restaurant is a name that has been heard of by many Penang locals. Famous for its roasted chicken and duck rice, many have made their way to the bustling streets of Jalan Cintra. This restaurant was originally from the main branch called Sin Lam Fatt Roasted Chicken and Duck Rice. It has been so successful there have now been five other branches set up around Penang and two in Butterworth.


The restaurant is clearly fetched up like a distinctive Chinese restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is nothing to shout about. The place is brightly lit by natural sunlight as well as ample space inside the restaurant for customers to eat in. There are round tables with plastic chairs are arranged neatly. The restaurant is usually packed with groups of people and families. The stall is set up in front of the restaurant. Customers usually order their food before settling inside while some wait to ‘tapau’ (take away) their meals home.


Sin Nam Huat’s signature dish is their roasted chicken and duck. It is no doubt one of Penang’s the best chicken rice and duck rice. The 'loh egg' (herbal egg) is optional but goes well together with chicken/duck rice. Apart from their signature dishes, Sin Nam also serves roasted pork (siew bak), barbequed pork (char siew) and other vegetable dishes. Also, do order up a bowl of their famous soup ‘chai boey’ (stew soup). Customers love the taste of the ‘chai boey’ soup so much they sometimes come by just to have it with their main meal or on its own.

Due to the restaurant’s uproar popularity bear in mind that during lunchtime or weekends the shop will be pack. Parking is also quite difficult to find and there’s usually a jam because of the narrow roads so do come earlier if you want good parking and a space to eat in. 

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Every day

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