The burger industry in Malaysia has evolved from the usual but still existing, roadside Ramly burger, to more gourmet ones with homemade patties and sold in actual shops. Rockstarz Burger is a locally owned burger joint in Penang that sticks to a theme; rock and roll. The name itself should have given that idea away, but it is also easy to assume that the owners were just being creative with what they want to call themselves. Having such a theme allowed them to further build up the menu according to the theme. The shop’s interior is quite hipster though most of the décor is rock themed. Customers coming here could choose to enjoy their burger on the curb across the street or dine in with the few seating available.

The menu here begins with how many patties one wish to have in a burger. Choices come in one, two or three homemade chicken or beef patties. Afterwards, you can move on to the kind of filling or type of burger that is available. The Rockstarz, The Red Hot Curry Chilleez, The Metallicheeze, The Santanaz, The Black Sabpper, and My Carbonara Romance are the six different options with their own flavours for the choosing. Each of the menu type is pretty much self explanatory and very generously loaded with sauces that there is no clean way out of this, which, honestly, only makes everything better. If such options are kind of mediocre for you, they also have The Search and The Wings, named after two big rock bands in Malaysia. Drinks as well as sides of fries in normal, curly and criss-cut, meat balls, and onion rings are also available if you need backups to your already hearty meal.