Do you have that moment when you are out late with your friends or your tummy just decides to rumbles late at night? That’s the time when you hate the most because not many restaurants are open and most of them are probably mamak outlets. Now, you can just hop over to Restoran Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai) that is open from 5.00pm to 4.00am. Among Penangites, this restaurant is a must for late night eats. It is famous by the name of Jiao Sai and its signature dish is stir-fried soup based instant noodles. Apparently they have been serving noodles for many years.


Over the years, they have moved from Argyll Road to Lorong Abu Siti, the new location provides a much bigger space to fit in its big crowds while serving the same portion and bowls of the delicious instant noodles. One of the bestselling items of this restaurant is the fried noodles. They offer two different types of flavours - mee maggi goreng (original) and tomyam goreng made for spicy lovers. You can also add side dishes such as fried chicken and sunny-side up egg. The deep-fried chicken prepared here is not like any other. The chicken is marinated with spices and are specifically juicy and mouth-watering.  


Apart from the popular fried noodles, Jiao Sai also offers Roti John, Nasi Lemak Bungkus, and other fried foods. The Roti John is prepared with soft sunny-side up eggs, chicken meat omelette and tomato sauce. While the Nasi Lemak is packed with a mixture of aromatic coconut rice, spicy sweet sambal and hardboiled egg. You definitely want to finish your meal with their Teh Tarik. So, if you wake up hungry late at night, don’t forget to drop by this restaurant and fill your belly with delicious fried instant noodles. 


Abu Siti Lane, 10400, Georgetown, Penang




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