Restoran Yin Pin Dim Sum Persiaran Gurney

Ever imagined having some oriental Chinese breakfast and overlooking the seaside? Breathtaking, is it not and not impossible! Located at one of the restaurants along the renowned Gurney Drive, Restoran Yin Pin Dim Sum provides the perfect spot to have your morning dimsum breakfast accompanied with the sea breeze on an early morning.

They have more than fifteen types of dim sums to choose from and they are all up to your preference. The ordering system is self-serviced where the dishes are being displayed on the counter and you point them out to the person-in-charge behind the counter. They will then record your order and pass you your choices to bring them to the table or for some dishes, they will personally deliver to the table. They also have curry puffs, sesame balls, and even everybody’s favourite egg tarts.

Your meal will be accompanied by a bottomless pot of Chinese tea which is refreshing and also good to wash down the aftertaste of your food. If you feel like having some dessert after a full meal, they have some recommended specialties which are subject to availability. 

The place can cater up to about more than ten huge round tables and will be packed like sardins on weekend mornings. The weekdays is no different with large numbers of family members that consists of both tourists and locals who would love to enjoy their meal in a rather surreal surrounding. It is very suitable for family gatherings and we will guarantee you a great time!