When the call of cravings comes ringing, steamboats may occasionally be among them. Just like coffee and cakes, we all need them every once in a while (if not all the time). In terms of these two, steamboats and coffee that is, you can spot the similarities even though they may be two entirely different thing. Think of it this way, both can vary in taste based on the way it’s made. In simple terms, different beans can mean different tasting notes in coffee while different ingredients can mean different taste for each pot of steamboat.

Situated in Bayan Baru, Penang, this recently opened restaurant is what most will call an ordinary steamboat restaurant. However, the place usually gets really busy, especially during peak times, so it is advisable to come early for a table or make reservations otherwise you will find yourselves standing and waiting for a vacant table. No matter how busy the place can get, service is quick to respond and very efficient, not to mention extremely friendly and helpful.

Being a fairly recent restaurant, as expected, it looks quite “modern-ly” ordinary with simple tables and chairs. Each table has its own stove to keep the pots of soup piping hot for all your steamboat needs. One can choose between two typical soup choices, the clear soup and spicy soup. The clear soup has a peppery taste from all the black pepper while the spicy soup is also known as white tom yam soup. While here, you can choose all your ingredients from readily laid out baskets, all items are as fresh as it can be.