For those who think that porridge are only for the sick, think again! Kedai Makanan Newday, a humble congee stall set up in the empty courtyard of a house situated at Lorong Selamat will change your mind on the dish.

With its Teochew style of cooking, the porridge (also known as ‘chok’) is usually more watery while grains of soft rice are still distinct. Because of its unique way of arranging its variety of food as that of an economy rice shop, customers get to order various dishes like preserved vegetables, beancurd, salted duck eggs and a full range of other delicious accompaniments to go with the plain congee. For those who do not favour porridge, fret not for there is also rice available.

One of the recommended dish to complement the plain porridge is the stir-fry roast pork with chilly. Many customers have given their certified thumbs up for this dish so it is not to be missed out!

Another few signature dishes include their renowned fried rice and Fermented Beans Steam Fish. Drinks served are mainly homemade and they include herbal tea, Chrysanthemum tea and etc.

The shop is catered to not only for individuals but also those who would love a warm family feast together. Many may question the term ‘economical’ in this shop as the common serving is enough for 2 but the price will be otherwise, however the place has a very modest shop-lot ambience with both indoor and outdoor seats therefore it is definitely a place to consider if you want to have a simple dinner under the stars.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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