Kedai Makan Cintra Food Corner George Town

If you are a fan of Bak Chang, a traditional Chinese dish with delicious glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, you must definitely visit Kedai Makanan Cintra Food Corner. The place is nestled in the middle of a block of colonial building along Cintra Street. Upon entering, you will be greeted with bunches of huge Bak Chang hanging on the stainless steel food stall top and the aroma of Red Bean Tong Sui. The stall has been since before the World War 2, and has since moved into a cosy air-conditioned shop with a comfortable setting.

They offer a variety of Bak Chang. The most common one is the Hokkien Bak Chang, which consists of pork, dry shrimp, salted egg York and chestnut fried in black soy sauce and steamed for hours. Do also sample their Cantonese Bak Chang, which is pillow-shaped and filled with pearly-white glutinous rice mixed with copious amounts of salted egg York, pork and mashed mung beans. The sweet Penang-Nyonya Bak Chang is made out of white glutinous rice filled with sugar-cured winter melon bits and coriander-accented minced pork. The Hakka Bak Chang differs little from the Hokkien version apart from its slightly lighter colour.

Apart from Bak Chang, their Oh Kuih (Yam Cake) is also delectable, with perfect texture and huge chunks of taro. The garnishing which contains peanuts, dried shrimp and spring onions does wonders to enhance the flavour of a simple snack. Pair your meal with their famous Red Bean Tong Sui, which is mellow with a tangy taste from the sun-dried mandarin orange peels.

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