Aptly named after the esteemed traditional and elegant dress garment deeply entwined with Strait Chinese heritage, the Kebaya Nyonya restaurant nestled in the Seven Terrace boutique hotel of Anglo-Chinese colonial design located in Georgetown caters to one of the best Indochinese or Nyonya cuisines one can find in the Pearl of the Orient. 

In essence, the restaurant brings about not only traditional dishes hailing from Peranakan waters but also includes multitudinous Asian culinary elements from Thailand and Vietnam in its dishes. Together with a touch of French culinary prowess in cooking their unique delicacies, Kebaya ushers patrons to indulge themselves in traditional Peranakan food fare, fine-dining style. In terms of their menu, the dishes are divided into three parts:- 'To Begin', 'Protein' and 'Greens & Dessert' that functions as appetisers, main courses and desserts respectively.

For their appetiser, patrons can opt for a selection of pleasurable delish such as the Miang Kham of Salmon Roe -betel nut leaves enveloping a generous serving of toasted coconut, shrimps and roasted cashews, topped with a dollop of Norwegian Salmon roe accompanied by drizzle of lime juice; or the Otak-Otak, which are crispy pastries filled with Red Snapper cooked with garlic & turmeric. 

As for the more substantial main courses, their organic roast pork accompanied with a balsamic reduction dipping sauce is not a bad way to pave way for more hearty dishes ahead. Aside from the pork, if patrons would like to sample varying textures of protein, both land and sea, they can also opt for the signature Kebaya Tamarind Beef (Australian beef shoulder glazed with tamarind and gala Melaka) and also grilled snapper dish -fresh fillet of snapper marinated with spice paste and wrapped in a banana leaf, grilled over a charcoal flame.

Last but not least, for a truly satisfying finish, patrons can give themselves a shot at the Kebaya desserts which -just to name a couple; come in the form of Tang Yuen (House made glutinous rice balls stuffed with coconut simmered in Malacca palm sugar and served with a warm coconut broth) or passion fruit and coconut Panna Cotta garnished with candied pistachios and poached pineapple.

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