The name Justart itself is a dead giveaway to what this brand does specializes in. If you have not guessed it yet – it is tarts. The ever wonderful buttery pastry of cup tart with alluring decorations on top always tantalizing its eater with the deliciousness it provides. As much as one elegant tart pleases the eyes, the facade does not overwhelm what is expected of the taste in fact, regulars always returned for the heavenly taste of it. Their signature tarts are of long line of selections from the popular almond chocolate to the classic blueberry cheese tart. Some of the tarts are specialties of Justart such as their Durian Cheese and Greentea Chocolate that are worth a shot of if ever you get a chance to try. Good news for mother-to-be, Justart also caters full moon package as return gifts for newborns with variety of packages to choose from consist of tarts, pancakes, or even muffins.

But of course, the popularity of Justart not only does it contributed by signature tarts but in fact their signature Portuguese tart, egg pudding, and cupcakes seem to be a hit as well. Their Moon cake set is to opt for especially when Chinese New Year is only around the corner. During festive seasons this place is an absolute catch but throughout the year Justart welcomes its customers to get their hands on its special wedding cocktail tower that can accommodate up to 120 pieces of cup tarts. No doubt a great deal coming from Justart!


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